About Us

Enens is a store that specialises in womens Eastern Wear. It is a family-run business that has been in existence since 1955.

About Enens

In the early 1950s Mr Harilal Natha Naran dreamt of opening a garment store that would cater for the rapidly growing needs of the Indian Community. That dream was realised in  1955. Today Enens remains one of Durbans most fashionable and favourable Eastern Wear boutiques.

The original Flagship store in the Old Grey street was terminated in 2015 but that was definitely not the end of Enens.

Enens in Umhlanga, Palm Boulevard, Royal Palm Hotel ( opp Gateway) has been in existence since 2014. We are truly proud to be stepping into the 3rd generation of the family name in the business  and endeavour to keep it growing from strength to strength.

Enens  was one of the first few Easternwear stores in Durban. It started off as a family- managed business and still maintains the same ethos.

We pride ourselves in adding a personal touch to any customer who positively chooses to have an “Enens Experience”. Be it a discerning bride , the bride or bridegrooms family or a lovely quaint grandmother choosing her prayer saree, Enens offers our clients the choice of all styles, designs and genres of garments.

We started off as being known as the Saree Specialists. But, we have evolved into a lot more than this title.

Enens also offers Designer -wear at its best. We follow designers who are trending on the catwalks of Mumbai, to the very traditional and ethnic kind of attire that there is.

There is no age limit to the kind of bespoke garments we offer. Each piece, whether it is a saree, lehenga or even jewellery is specifically hand picked  and in some cases, designed for our loyal clientele.

We are so proud of our legacy and the name that Enens held and still holds in these ever-changing times. 

Enens, the name Synonamous with Fashion, invites you to a refreshingly new Shopping experience with a fabulous collection of Designer wear and accessories that will encapsulate every womens fashion dream. 

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